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Exploring at Diphôfu Hunting Safaris


Diphôfu Hunting Safaris caters for all your bushveld needs.


We offer day and night game drives. By night you have a good chance of seeing the elusive aardwolf (maned jackal), aardvark (ant-eater), jackal, caracal and many more nocturnal animals.


We also provide guided game walks and bird watching and fishing.  In order to maximize your game and bird viewing pleasure, we have hides placed near the dams and also a lookout point in the depths of the bush.


There are more than 100 species of birds which will keep any avid birdwatcher enthralled!


Fishing is available in three dams totalling 3ha in size. There is an abundance of fish species for the avid fisherman, but bass fishing has proved most popular. There are various types of fish such as catfish, carp and four species of tilapia. Each dam has a preferable target species.


You will feel at your most tranquil while fishing, as the wildlife in the area is not afraid to come down for a drink. You may also experience kingfishers and even fish eagles swooping in to capture fish in the dams. All of this makes for some very picturesque and memorable moments.