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Bow Hunting


Though very challenging, bow hunting is a rewarding and exciting method of hunting. We offer the experienced bow hunter the opportunity to hunt any of the plains game species at Diphôfu Hunting Safaris. We recommend using a bow of 60 – 80 lbs. Once again, it is of utmost importance that you are comfortable with your choice of bow.


In South Africa a variety of three bows can be used to hunt, namely the compound bow, re curve bow and long bow. The compound bow is most commonly used and has proven to be the most feasible weapon for hunting in South Africa.


We provide/utilize ground and pit blinds from which you can ambush your trophy animals. The blinds are strategically placed near waterholes or areas where there is a high likelihood to encounter trophy animals. Alternatively, you can conduct walk- and- stalk hunts.


A bow hunting safari should allow for slightly more time than a rifle hunting safari. We recommend bringing a good supply of arrows, spare broadhead blades, string and other spares. We also advise you to use anti-scent sprays to make the hunt even more effective. Take note also that the time required for bow hunting is dependent on the species hunted.

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