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What You Need to Know


Temporary Importation of Firearms

Importing firearms can be an intricate and often frustrating task. We take the initiative to ease the process by providing you with the (SAP520) form, and also helping you complete the form by sending you the necessary information. The form must be completed in black ink and must remain unsigned until a police officer finalizes and issues the permit at the airport.


Ensure That You Have the Following

Proof of ownership

Proof of export from country of origin

Motivation letter ( in which you state why you wish to import rifles)


Return airline ticket

Invitation letter from your hunting outfitter



The ammunition and firearms mentioned below are not permitted in South Africa:

Any revolver or pistol

More than one firearm per caliber per person

Any automatic/semi-automatic firearms

More than 200 rounds of ammunition per person per firearm

If you do not produce the required documents, are under 21 years of age or have any of the above-mentioned prohibited firearms/ammunition, your application will not be approved.

The issuing of temporary import permits is free of charge. It is not necessary to tip the South African Police Force officers. You need to keep the permit with you while in South Africa and especially while the firearms/ammunition are in your possession.

Although all these steps do need to be followed, do not feel overwhelmed. Once you have booked and confirmed with Diphofu Hunting Safaris, we will use all our resources to ease the process of importing your firearms into South Africa. Alternatively, take the path of least resistance and make use of the firearms/rifles that we supply.


Trophy Preparation and Exportation

In the case of mounted trophies, South African taxidermists are excellent at mounting any African species at competitive rates. You can expect to receive your trophy after approximately a year.

The rules and processes for exportation vary, depending on the species hunted and country of destination. Diphofu Hunting Safaris will assist in this regard and we will also recommend what procedures to follow and which taxidermist to use.

Diphofu Hunting Safaris will ensure that your animals are skinned and prepped for the relevant taxidermist. Our recommended taxidermist, together with your outfitter, will ensure that all the necessary permits for exportation to your country are available to you. You can ship your raw or mounted trophies from South Africa. For raw shipments we will apply to all the relevant Nature Conservation authorities for export permits for each trophy. Your trophy will be thoroughly treated by a South African taxidermist and thereafter sent to a taxidermist of your choice in your home country.


Take Note

Each country has different restrictions

Raw and processed products cannot be shipped together

Only one client per crate in terms of packaging

Delays do occur in the issuing of permits by government agencies

Shipping costs are finalized upon delivery of trophies

To ensure efficiency, payment of deposit to the taxidermist is recommended

Trophies must remain in South Africa for at least 3 months/90 days before shipping

Warthog must be shipped in a separate crate

Warthog may also delay shipping if the State Veterinarian is not able or available to issue transport permits


Recommended Equipment

Raincoat and hat

At least 3 sets of hunting clothes

A warm jacket, scarf and gloves

Comfortable boots and thick socks

Odourless sunscreen


Camera and/or camcorder

Rifle and cleaning equipment


Universal double adapters (for phone, camera chargers etc.)

Antihistamines, painkillers and any prescribed medication

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions